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Lancaster High School wishes you a happy and safe summer!

Program Overview


Raelynn Pineda
In-School Program Coordinator

Services Provided:
Public Schools Outreach serves as the primary vehicle for the delivery of social services to urban youth and their families in 56 public schools in Dallas County. The heart of the program is maximizing student success by creating healthy conditions at school and in the home. Activities promote four messages: stay-in-school, no drugs or alcohol, sexual abstinence, and no violence. Relationships are developed with students through a combination of activities that include:
School-Based Mentoring cultivates trusting relationships between adult role models and students, developing prosocial skills in students and a sense of belonging among their peers, families, and communities.
Life Skills Education addresses sexual abstinence, anger management, school dropout and substance abuse issues in a school setting.
High School Heroes gives high school student leaders an opportunity to inspire elementary and middle-school youth to stay in school and reach their highest potential.
The Back-to-School Rally brings together hundreds of students and their parents for the purpose of receiving information and taking advantage of social, health and education services offered through TTA and other community vendors.
KAGE Events are held four times per year bringing thousands of students together for a challenging talk and entertainment, promoting drug-free, abstinence, no violence, and stay-in-school messages.
A State-of-the-Art Youth Center serves as a neighborhood hub for a variety of social and entertainment activities for young people.
The Technology & Education Program The Turn•Around Agenda’s Technology and Education Program gives individuals access to technology in education, computer training and certification. Our purpose is to equip participants with the essentials of computer literacy and basic education skills required in a competitive marketplace.
Human Needs Assistance
If you are having difficulties in just meeting basic needs of food, housing and clothing, Human Needs Assistance may be able to help you.
Our services are available to students and families from our participating public schools and the general public. We encourage you to take a moment and look over our services and decide how we might be able to help, especially if you are experiencing a crisis. You may be eligible to receive the following:
Shopping at our Food Pantry  
Obtaining case management services to help you address multiple needs and achieve
self sufficiency
Receiving crisis counseling when the events of your life are beyond your ability to
Turn Around Family Support Services
 Are you or someone you know experiencing a crisis of an unplanned pregnancy? If yes, you have come to the right place.  Through the Turn Around Family Support services, Mother , Father and child are given the tools that will enable them to navigate through life successfully. In addition the Turn Around Support Services offers a Fatherhood Program,  STD Testing, and Sonograms.
 The Turn Around Summer Program
 The Summer Program is for boys and girls, ages 6 through 14 years, from The Turn Around Agenda’s participating public schools and the community. Participants may enter the program at the age of 5 if they have completed Kindergarten. The Turn Around Summer Program serves approximately 400-600 boys and girls, providing working parents a safe and enriching environment for their children.
For further Information, please see the website below: