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School resumes Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 7:30 a.m.
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delmetria "ms. d." millener
IB English Y1 & Y2 | TOK | English IV
BAS Psychology & Business, Dallas Baptist University
MFA Creative Nonfiction Writing, Goucher College
High School Level English - 4 years
College Level Literature & Composition - 9 years
Professional Ballet Dancer | Journalist | Poet | Copywriter | Editor | Ghostwriter - 27 years
Literary Nonfiction Author - 2 years

In a world full of plaid, my life is a rhombus. It's not my fault. I was made from scratch this way. When encouraged to "teach outside the box," I laugh. There is no box! So in my #uniquelyweird way, I teach my students accordingly.
Using the world as our lesson plan and the Universe as our textbook, we swim in the ocean of opportunities, wade in the pond of possibilities and float down the creek of creativity toward better writing, better reading and better thinking.
Traveling the globe as a literary gypsy, I have lived a few lifetimes. My experiences weren't for me. My experiences were for my future students. My experiences help me make connections for them to relate literature with life and know for sure that you really can be everything you intend to be...because their teacher has.
I teach teach the whole child, not the lifestyle. Always and all ways! ~dm