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Class of 2019 Parents!
As we come to the end of the 2019 school year and graduation approaches, we wish to make you aware of important information regarding graduation and other upcoming events. All students currently ranked as seniors who have met the Lancaster Independent School District and the State of Texas requirements for graduation are eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony.
Graduation is one of the most important days in a young persons life. It is both a family celebration and a school celebration. Every effort is being made by this high school to make this a dignified formal event. The site of our graduation ceremony will be at the University of Texas at Arlington‘s College Park Center. The school administration and faculty want this graduation to be a beautiful and moving experience for the student and family. Conscientious attention to directions by the student and family combined with cooperation will be necessary for a successful and tasteful presentation.
Prom season is upon us. Whether your child is attending our prom or one at another school, I pray that he or she will enjoy the evening responsibly and return home safe and sound. Although the message may be redundant, I feel compelled to remind our students of the potential pitfalls that may present themselves if they do not make good choices. Please take some time to discuss the following points with your child if he or she plans to attend a prom this spring.
·         Prom night should be a time for your  child to enjoy him or herself with friends and return home safely. Safety is the number one priority.
·         In addition to the health, safety and legal issues associated with drugs and alcohol, any student who engages in these activities is subject to disciplinary action.
·         If you have not done so as of yet, please ensure that your dress (as well as the dress of your guest), is approved. Approval is done by the committee. Students are to send a picture, while wearing the dress, to a soon to be announced email address. Make sure to include the front and back views.
·         Be sure you are fully aware of your child’s itinerary for the evening. What are the plans for transportation? With whom will he or she be and what will the level of adult supervision be before and after the prom? I know you want to place your trust in your child to make good decisions on his or her own. That being said, this is not the night to let down your guard. Trust, but verify.
·         If your child is ending up at another family’s home, do you know the parents? Do not assume that every family has the same rules and guidelines as you do. Some adults allow alcohol to be served in their homes to minors and mistakenly think that this is OK “as long as we take the keys”. Do not assume anything. If your child is going to end up somewhere else that evening, please call those parents and speak directly to them ahead of time and ask tough questions. If you are not comfortable with the situation, insist that your child return home that night.
·         Talk candidly about appropriate behavior with regard to his or her date. I expect the students to behave according to the morals and values that you have instilled in them. After-prom parties are often seen as occasions for drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuity. Do not be afraid to speak directly to your child about making good moral choices.
Please view the attachments for additional information concerning the Class of 2019.
Mr. Addison Russ
Assistant Principal